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Cataract Cost

Cataract surgery with a “basic” lens implant is typically a covered procedure under most private insurances, as well as Medicare. Your contract with your carrier will specify what your out-of-pocket amount due, if any, will be.

There are typically three entities you will pay for cataract surgery:

- The surgeon (TVLC)
- The anesthesiologist
- The surgery center

We will provide you with an estimate of your total costs prior to finalizing your surgery dates. However, this is ONLY an estimate, and you are strongly encouraged to contact your insurance provider to verify any exact amounts due to us, the anesthesiologist, or the surgery center.

Premium Lens Upgrade Cost

At TVLC, we are thrilled to offer our patients a variety of “upgrade” lens options beyond what insurance will pay for. For patients whose eye health is good and the results of their special testing qualifies them for an upgrade, these highly sophisticated lenses can help patients achieve spectacular visual outcomes and in some cases be spectacle-free for the rest of their lives.

Your doctor and surgical counselor will discuss these upgrade options, how they work, and what they can help you achieve in detail during your cataract evaluation. Of very important note, these lens upgrades are NOT covered by any insurances or by Medicare. Should you choose one of our premium lens options, you will be required to pay for those out of pocket.

TVLC offers flexible financing options, and we can assist you in utilizing your FSA or HSA accounts. The reality is that for most patients, laser vision correction surgery typically pays for itself over the life of the patient. No more expensive glasses and frames! No more contact lenses! No more prescription sunglasses!

Financing Options

Many of our patients choose to finance their surgery costs. We are proud to partner with CareCredit and Alphaeon for quality and reputable outside financing. Speak with us at your appointment about obtaining any needed financing and we will get you going!



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