Jeffrey A. Wildridge

Hey, I'm Dr. Wildridge, OD a therapeutic optometrist and glaucoma specialist serving McKinney and Frisco Texas.

Hey, I’m Dr. Jeffrey Wildridge

With post-graduate certifications in Ocular Therapeutics and Optometric Glaucoma Specialist, Dr. Jeffrey Wildridge has been practicing in the Dallas area for more than 30 years. His particular areas of focus include pre- and post-operative care of surgical patients, glaucoma, LASIK and primary eye care.

Born and raised in southwestern Indiana, in the heart of basketball country, Wildridge attended Indiana University at Bloomington. Inspired by his own eye problems as a teen, upon graduation, Wildridge entered the Indiana University School of Optometry in Bloomington, where he earned his Doctor of Optometry degree. Later he attended University of Houston College of Optometry where he earned post-graduate certifications.

Wildridge has been a resident of McKinney for over 20 years, he has three sons and leads a very active life. As an Indiana native, he is an avid basketball fan and follows Indiana University Hoosiers and the Dallas Mavericks. Wildridge is an active member of his church. He enjoys golf and is an accomplished musician, singer and songwriter.


BS – Optometry: Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
OD (Doctor of Optometry): Indiana University School of Optometry, Bloomington, IN
Internship – Optometry: Indiana University Eye Clinic: Bloomington, IN
Internship – FDR VA Hospital: Montrose, NY
Internship – Chanute AFB: Rantool, IL
Internship – Walker Street Eye Clinic: Indianapolis
Internship – Illinois Street Eye Clinic,: Indianapolis


Ocular Therapeutics
Optometric Glaucoma Specialist: licensed by the Texas Optometry Board

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