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Choosing a LASIK surgeon is one of the most important decisions to make once you have decided to have LASIK surgery. But how do you know who the best person is for such a task? There are many options available, but making the right choice for YOU is the only thing that matters.

When choosing a LASIK surgeon, consider the following key factors:

  • Surgeon experience and qualifications
  • Technology
  • Patient reviews
  • Number of surgeries performed

Credentials – One of the first things you should consider is if your surgeon is board certified. If they are, that’s the medical equivalent of the Good Housekeeping stamp of approval. It means that the American Board of Ophthalmology has certified that your surgeon has the knowledge required to make complex eye health decisions. Also, make sure that the surgeon is licensed in the state they are performing the procedure.

Technology – LASIK surgery technology has come a very long way in the past 20 years and there are numerous options. You may find that the various options overwhelming or confusing so it is important to do your research. There are several different technologies that LASIK surgeons may use and they are all similar in that the achieve the desired result, but the way they get there is different. At TVLC, we use an iFS laser to create the flap and a STAR s4 excimer laser to perform the correction on the cornea. In addition, we use the latest technological advance called the iDesign suite. This is an extremely detailed testing suite that provides for a level of laser energy focus that is unparalleled in the industry.

Patient Reviews – Nothing tops the good word of a prior patient. Pay attention to the reviews on the internet or from friends or family who have had LASIK surgery. There are many different review sites available, but we have found Google reviews to be the most legitimate.

Number of Surgeries Performed – Experience truly matters in LASIK surgery. The more your surgeon has done, the more comfortable he will be if encountering any rare complications or unexpected events. He also will have had more time to perfect his craft.

Dr. Jason Bullajian has performed over 1,000 LASIK surgeries and nearly all of his patients see 20/20 or better following their surgery. You can count on compassionate care and outstanding results with TVLC LASIK surgery. Call today to schedule your free initial consultation 972.548.2014.


iLASIK is a vision correction surgery that takes advantage of femtosecond laser technology to create a flap on the surface of the cornea.


A 10-15 minute procedure to remove and replace the cloudy lens inside the eye (cataract).

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