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At the Texas Vision & Laser Center, we believe that complete and thorough eye exams are essential for ensuring a lifetime of healthy vision. When you come in for your complete eye exam, our doctors and staff will obtain a thorough patient history, including your past medical, surgical and ocular histories. We will obtain a list of all of your medications, and record any medicine allergies. You will then receive an eight-point eye exam to check every basic aspect of your vision. This will usually include the use of a dilation drop that will temporarily enlarge your iris so the back part of the eye can be clearly viewed and examined. We invite you to bring your sunglasses for the conclusion of your exam, as the sun bothers some people for the few hours their eyes remain dilated after the exam. We also have disposable shades for your convenience if needed.

Although most people are able to drive home after having their eyes dilated, some people prefer not to. If you think you might feel uncomfortable driving after having your eyes dilated, please be sure and bring a driver with you.


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