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Custom LASIK refers to a very specific type of LASIK that utilizes certain technological software advances to reshape the cornea in a very specific and customizable way. This software is referred to generically as “wavefront” technology. However, different LASER companies have developed their own proprietary software and it may be referred to in different ways. “CustomVue”, “Zyoptics”, “Wavelight”, and “Ladarwave” are some of the many proprietary terms used to describe the “wavefront” technology. Marketing tactics also use the terms “high definition”, “HD”, and “premium”, to describe this technology. Nonetheless, they all refer to “wavefront” technology.


Wavefront Technology Explained

Wavefront LASIK technology, at its core, is like having a direct conversation with your eyes, understanding their unique language and needs. It’s a sophisticated way to map out your vision, with a precision that feels like science fiction turned reality.

Imagine shining a light into your eye, and as this light travels back, it carries with it the story of your vision, including all its little quirks. This story is captured by the wavefront machine in a detailed wavefront map - a highly sophisticated "fingerprint" of your eye. This map illustrates not just the shape and curvature of your eye, but also how light is bent and refracted as it passes through.

With conventional refractive surgery procedures such as conventional LASIK, a general treatment plan is generated and applied to the entire cornea. With wavefront LASIK procedures, a highly customizable treatment is generated and strategically placed on the cornea. Highly sophisticated trackers and mappers are used to be sure that this exact treatment pattern is placed on the exact location and orientation of the cornea to achieve the best possible result.

The end result? A comprehensive overview of your vision, highlighting areas that need correction far beyond what standard prescriptions reveal.

But how does this translate into a personalized treatment plan? The data from your wavefront scan is fed into the LASIK laser vision correction, guiding it with unmatched precision. It’s as if the laser "sees" your eye through the wavefront map, adjusting its treatment to the smallest imperfections unique to your vision. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach; it’s a customized vision correction, crafted with the same care and attention as a master tailor sewing a custom suit.

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LASIK vs. Other Refractive Procedures

When considering laser eye surgery, it's like standing at a crossroads with several paths leading to clearer sight. Alongside Custom LASIK, options like PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy), Advanced Surface Ablation, and LASEK (Laser Epithelial Keratomileusis) offer promises of improved vision. Each path is unique, tailored to meet different needs, much like selecting the perfect pair of shoes for a marathon; what suits one person may not fit another as comfortably.


Custom LASIK

Here are some key features that set Custom LASIK laser treatments apart from other vision correction procedures:

  • Personalized treatment plan based on wavefront mapping of your eye
  • High level of precision and accuracy, with the potential for better than 20/20 vision
  • Faster recovery time compared to other refractive procedures
  • Minimized risk of complications like dry eyes and night-time visual disturbances

With the combination of CustomVue technology and the expertise of highly trained surgeons, your vision can reach new heights, going beyond what you may have thought was possible.

So why settle for anything less than customized vision correction? Trust in the power of Custom LASIK to transform your vision and your life. Schedule a consultation today and take the first step towards truly personalized vision correction. Your eyes deserve it.

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PRK, Advanced Surface Ablation, and LASEK

These advanced laser technology and procedures offer an alternative for individuals who may not be suitable candidates for LASIK. They work by reshaping the cornea through the removal of tissue from its surface, rather than creating a corneal flap like in LASIK. These procedures may be recommended for those with thin or irregularly shaped corneas, or those who have had previous eye surgeries.

While these procedures can still provide improved vision, the recovery time is longer compared to LASIK, and there is a higher risk of developing complications such as infection or scarring. It’s essential to consult with an experienced eye surgeon to determine the best treatment option for your unique vision needs.


Benefits of Custom LASIK

Choosing Custom LASIK using wavefront technology is like tailoring the perfect outfit; it's designed to fit you and only you. Imagine stepping into a world where your vision isn't just corrected, but enhanced beyond what glasses or contacts could offer. With Custom LASIK, patients often find themselves marveling at the crispness and clarity of their new vision. It's not just about seeing; it's about experiencing the world in high definition.

For those who've struggled with night-time glare and the halo effect around lights, wavefront technology brings a significant reduction in these visual disturbances. Driving at night or walking through a cityscape becomes less daunting and more enjoyable. Contrast sensitivity, the ability to distinguish finer details against backgrounds, is also notably enhanced, making everyday visuals more vivid and immersive.

And then there's the beacon of hope for individuals with complex prescriptions – severe nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. Custom LASIK isn't just another option; it's often the best option. Where conventional treatments might fall short, wavefront technology excels, providing a level of customization that can tackle even the most intricate visual problems.

All in all, choosing Custom LASIK is deciding to experience the world with a new lens, quite literally. It's about granting yourself the possibility of better than 20/20 vision, and with it, a quality of life that's as clear and vibrant as your new eyesight.

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CustomVue Technology: Personalization at Its Peak

At the heart of Custom LASIK's revolutionary approach to vision correction is the CustomVue technology. This proprietary wavefront software stands out as a masterpiece of medical engineering, designed to turn your vision correction procedure into a deeply personal experience.

Imagine a treatment as unique as your DNA, where no two procedures are the same because no two eyes are the same. CustomVue technology symbolizes this principle by capturing a detailed "fingerprint" of your eye. This isn't just about measuring your prescription; it's about understanding the unique imperfections of your eye's surface with awe-inspiring precision.

CustomVue's role in your LASIK procedure is similar to an artist meticulously planning their masterpiece. By utilizing the data from a comprehensive wavescan of your eyes, CustomVue software crafts a treatment plan that's tailored specifically for the microscopic nuances of your vision. This level of customization isn't just impressive; it's deeply impactful. By taking into account the individual characteristics of each eye, CustomVue optimizes the LASIK procedure to correct your vision with an accuracy that conventional methods can't match.

What does this mean for you? It means a chance to experience the world with a clarity and depth of vision that was previously unimaginable. With CustomVue-guided Custom LASIK, patients often report a significant improvement in how they see the world - vibrant colors, sharper contrasts, and a dramatic reduction in visual disturbances like glare and halos around lights. It's not just vision correction; it's vision transformation. CustomVue technology ensures that your LASIK procedure is not just about achieving 20/20 vision—it's about surpassing it, in a way that's as unique as you are.


The Journey Begins: Your Preoperative Experience

The preoperative stage is not just the beginning of your LASIK procedure; it's the start of a thrilling adventure toward achieving your best vision.

Imagine stepping into our clinic, where you're welcomed not just as a patient, but as a partner on this journey. Our team of experts will guide you through every step, ensuring that you have all the information and support you need to make an informed decision.

First, we'll conduct a thorough eye examination to assess your overall eye health and determine if you're a suitable candidate for Custom LASIK. This process includes mapping out your corneal thickness, refraction, and visual acuity. We'll also discuss any potential risks or complications that may arise during or after the procedure.

Once you're cleared for surgery, we'll schedule your Custom LASIK procedure and provide detailed preoperative instructions to help you prepare for the big day. These instructions may include avoiding certain medications, wearing glasses instead of contact lenses, and arranging transportation to and from the clinic.

When a patient desires wavefront refractive surgery, a wavescan is performed on each eye in the preoperative stage. The data from this scan is then imported into the LASER to calculate a wavefront-based treatment plan. At the time of surgery, the wavefront software is used instead of the conventional software. To the patient (or spectator), there is no observable difference in the actual steps of the surgical procedure.


Is Custom LASIK Right for You?

Deciding if Custom LASIK is the perfect fit for your vision correction needs is like choosing the path that leads to your happiest, most fulfilling future. It's about aligning your lifestyle, eye condition, and expectations with what the procedure can deliver.

Think about your day-to-day life and the activities you love or wish to engage in more fully. Are you an avid reader, a digital designer relying on precise color and detail, or perhaps an outdoor enthusiast who dreams of seeing the world without the barrier of glasses or contacts? Custom LASIK eye surgery can turn those dreams into your new reality, offering you the freedom to live your life to the fullest.

However, it's crucial to consider the unique aspects of your eye health too. Conditions such as overly thin corneas or certain corneal irregularities might necessitate a different approach. And while Custom LASIK technology has an excellent track record for enhancing vision, it's vital to have realistic expectations. Perfect vision isn't guaranteed, but significant improvement is a strong possibility.

Ultimately, the decision is deeply personal and should be made with thorough understanding and expert consultation. Discuss your lifestyle, your vision goals, and any concerns with your eye surgeon at TVLC. We can help interpret the details of your wavefront mapping and guide you toward the best decision for your eyes. Remember, choosing Custom LASIK at TVLC is choosing to invest in a clearer, brighter future—a future where your vision aligns with your dreams.

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Ready To Take The Next Step?

Each day, people around the world are taking the leap toward clearer vision and a better quality of life with Custom LASIK. If you're ready to join them, we invite you to take the next step and schedule a consultation with us at TVLC.

Our experienced team will work closely with you to understand your unique needs, answer any questions you may have, and create a custom treatment plan that will help you achieve your vision goals. We understand that choosing to undergo vision correction surgery is a big decision, which is why we are dedicated to providing personalized care and support throughout the entire process.

Don't let uncertainty about your vision correction options keep you in the dark. Contact us today and start your journey towards crystal-clear vision today!

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