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What is Lasik Surgery?

LASIK stands for Laser assisted In-situ Keratomileusis. It is a two-step procedure for correcting refractive error, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. It is currently the most common refractive surgery procedure performed in the U.S.
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My eyes are amazing

“Just wanted to take a moment to share how Dr. Bullajian and staff treated us with compassion and care throughout the entire time...from the moment you walk in until you walk out the door. Glad to see that GREAT customer service still exists today. Thank you for your attention to detail and for your due diligence. "

John M.

LASIK Surgery is Great

“My experience at the Texas Vision and Laser Center in Frisco was fantastic. Dr. Bullajian and the entire staff were attentive, friendly, and professional. After ~25 years of uncorrected vision following an earlier LASIK procedure, I needed PRK on one eye to "touch up" my distance vision and could not have asked for a better experience. A sincere "Thank-you" to Dr. Bullajian, Jessica, Olga, Heidi and everyone else. I would not hesitate to recommend TVLC to anyone considering vision correction."

Keith M.

Thank you for the LASIK surgery

“Thank you for being so helpful in making my decision about my eye care and explaining all the details in language that the common lay person could understand. Thank you so much for your help."

Marlene G.

VIP treatment!, Successful surgery

“My mother was referred to Dr. Bullajian for LASIK surgery. They gave her the VIP treatment!! We requested for her to have the latest IOL technology and they went the extra mile to make sure she had the newest implants. Surgeries for both eyes went smoothly, and we could not even tell she underwent the procedures because she was feeling well enough to be up and about the house the same day. Big thanks to Dr. Bullajian, Dr. Barnett, and staff - Vivian and Rachel helped answer all our questions pre-surgery. I highly recommend TVLC for eye surgeries for all their loved ones. "

Shannon T.

My eyes are amazing

"Just wanted to take a moment to show how Dr. Bukkajian and staff treated us with compassion and care throughout the entire time... from the moment you walk in until when you walk out the door. Glad to see the GREAT customer service still exists today. Thank you for your attention to details and for your due diligence."

John M.

Thank you Team

“Just finished my LASIK surgery this morning! Fantastic...I was very nervous but found it to be quick, easy and painless. I found myself "watching" the beautiful colors swirling around my vision field. I was more interested in the procedure than thinking about it. The staff fully explained each step. They answered everything and more. I will definitely recommend Dr. Bullajian and his office to my friends!!"

Karen K.

Excellent care

“Excellent care, extremely knowledgeable and will change your life all for the better. "

Douglas L.

Good people, My eyesight is superb

“I had LASIK surgery. All appointments at Texas Vision & Laser center were promptly kept. The doctors as well as staff are professional and courteous. The team is efficient, and each visit moved along without wasted time. My recovery has been without incident and best of all my vision is perfect!"

Linda B.

Awesome Staff

“Awesome staff of professional people; not to mention my eyesight is wonderful."

Walter W.

Best team for a LASIK Surgery

“I knew I had to have Lasik surgery taken done and this was the center I chose to visit for evaluation. I could not have picked a better group to take care of me! All the staff was top notch. I always felt comfortable and confident I was getting the best of care. Dr. Bullajian's extra attention before surgery is such a blessing. Dr. Wildridge, Dr. Barnett, and all if the staff are excellent are well."

Jo S.

Pam V

I can see better. Thank you!

“The staff are very kind and never rush you they take the time to answer your questions and put you at ease the doctor is very upbeat and professional would highly recommend."

Pam V.


I had a good experience

“The staff and doctor were all great and very eager to make sure the visit and laser procedure went smoothly. Which it did. I was in and out in 45 minutes which was fabulous! Thank you!"

Vicki L.

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