Telemedicine Appointments

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About Telemedicine Visits

During this Coronavirus Pandemic, the Federal Government has lifted many of the restrictions that exist pertaining to telemedicine. This now means that virtually any patient can participate in a telemedicine visit with their eye doctor if they want or need as a supplement to their healthcare. These telemedicine visits will help to bridge the gap or delay during this crisis until it
is safer for patients to leave their home to seek medical care.

As the CDC and other governmental agencies advocate that patients stay at home unless essential, they have also made provisions for those needing medical care to obtain it right from their home by using telemedicine. These benefits to patients are covered under the same terms of your current health insurance plan (including Medicare and Medicare related plans).

These lifted restrictions on telemedicine are a temporary action by the government to reduce the number of people that leave their homes during this unprecedented time. TVLC has designed a telemedicine program to assist virtually any patient that desires to stay at home to still have an opportunity to visit with their eye care doctor to get the care that they need.

These telemedicine visits cannot replace the need for a face-to-face visit and should be followed-up with one as soon as determined by your eye care doctor. However, it can help address many eye issues now and begin treatment if necessary. It can also determine if a face-to-face visit is needed sooner (or urgently) or can wait another 2-4 months when the pandemic crisis is
better controlled.

How The Telemedicine Appointment At TVLC Works

How The Telemedicine Appointment At TVLC Works

Telemedicine Appointments Is A Teleconference / Meeting That Allows You To See An Eye Doctor Without Leaving Your Home. They Are Easy, Convenient And Covered By Most Medical Insurance (Including Medicare.)

The First Step Is Calling 972-548-2015 And Scheduling A Telemedicine Appointment.

After Scheduling A Telemedicine Appointment, You Will Receive An Email That Contains Very Important Information. Please Read That Email As Soon As You Receive It – But Do Not Click The Link.

Before Your Scheduled Appointment

Make Sure You Have The Equipment Required To Do A Telemedicine Appointment. Here’s What You Need:
You must have a smartphone (android or iPhone) or tablet (android or iPad) AND it must have a front facing camera.
You must be able to receive and open your email or texts on your smartphone or tablet.*
If possible, you should have a family member or friend with you during your Telemedicine Appointment to help assist in the process.
If you meet these technical requirements above then you can participate in a telemedicine visit with your TVLC eye doctor. You may need to get some assistance from family members or friends to help you meet these requirements.

* If you are unable to open emails or texts from your smartphone or tablet, then you must forward the email we sent you with your appointment information on it to a family member or friend who can be open emails in their smartphone or tablet. This person will need to be with you during your appointment time so you can utilize their device and access the email containing the link for your appointment.

Day of your Telemedicine Appointment

On Your Appointment Day, There Are TWO PARTS (Two Appointments).
The first appointment is a ‘Connectivity Appointment‘ which happens before your Appointment to See the Doctor. The purpose of the ‘Connectivity Appointment’ is to ensure we both can see and hear each other so when the doctor is ready for you, there are no delays in getting connected again.

Both appointments will be noted in the appointment email we will have sent when you scheduled your appointment, and both appointments begin when one of our Technicians calls you on the phone. Do not click the link in the email we sent until our Technician instructs you to do so.


Prior to your Appointment to See the Doctor, one of our Technicians will call you on the phone to do a quick but important ‘Connectivity Appointment’ (practice run) to ensure that you are able to make the connection when it’s time for you to see the doctor.

When the Technician calls you, she will give you a few instructions for what to do after she hangs up. After that phone call, follow the Technicians instructions and she will connect with you online just like you will do when it’s time for you to see the doctor. Once you both know the connection can be made, you will hang up and wait for the next PHONE CALL from us, letting you know it’s time to connect and see the doctor.
Remember, you MUST be able to access YOUR emails or texts from the smartphone or tablet that you will be using during  your appointment in order to connect with us for your appointment. 


When it’s time for your Appointment to See the Doctor, you will receive a second phone call from us to let you know it’s time to re-connect. Once you are connected with the doctor we will guide you through your appointment.
We are happy and excited to be able to provide this technology to our patients. However, because this is a new and developing process for everyone we ask that you please be patient, and understand that this process may be subject to change as necessary.

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